Walking on the hot golden sand…
my feet sank in..and the gold comes out between my toes…engulfing it slowly…I need to move fast…I understand….

Scorching sun…black scorpions…it was all new..
a path I had to tread alone.
I was all alone there and no one knew.

Golden dust all over me…sand dunes deterring me.
I felt so puny and life seemed like a hungry desert which was waiting to feed on me.

My footprints were also momentary.
They disappeared as if there was someone who wanted me to never return,but I saw no one..it was all still n sedentary.

I ran my gaze around like a new born.
the still desert was mocking at me.
How could life be so rude? How do i bear its scorn?

Guess I had a thing called courage.
My eyes caught a blue shimmer far far away.
I ran to reach the water
it was my happiness.
Alas!!! I dipped my hands into a mirage.

My fingers stuck deep in the sand and my feet hurt.
I came way too far but it was all unreal.
I felt doomed i cried but no words came out.

Hopeless and tired I walked again,a lifeless me.
Just when I thought my journey has come to an end, I smelt wet sand… I felt like the wind was calling me.

I turned around and saw sparkling blue water with a beautiful halo of palm tree.
I rubbed my eyes pinched my self
mirage was a past,but this!! was real beauty I agree.

I ran to it like it was the last race of my life.
my feet felt fresh cold water. It drowned my heart in love and faith.
GOD is and will always be there. That moment,during this journey called “LIFE” I got something to hold on to.
Something called “LOVE”

Priyanka Singh






In thousands of lines &

          volumes of books…..

To start a new line,

           just a lift of pen it took.


Is life so simple as it   LOOKS????


What lies between the lines??

        A victory of truth or winning of a lie?

Emotions  meant  to live for ever and few which are meant to die…..


No one knows the reason to change a line,

      writing their endless book….      

          many might have found a reason to die……

Search for a reason to   LIVE!!!!!!!

I just discovered   MINE!!!!!





How to know the value a relation holds…..


This thought is intriguing
You end up confused
You recall,compare
        past and present.

You feel you knew all,but few
        questions still remain.
You ask someone,but their help
             goes in vain.

You ponder,you revisit down
            your memory lane.
You still dont know value of
        that relation
You are trying to figure out..
     how to even name

But the answer is there
   right inside you,everyday…
Just close your eyes and think…
    “what you say in your PRAYERS”

You will know the answer….if
      he is always there…..
           in all your words….
                and every PRAYER.

Priyanka Singh


The Heart…


It gets lost and then found

It beats and it may pound


Its an entangled array of

Countless  emotions

Decides the value people hold

and considers their demotion


Situations leaving it baffled

and intrigued

and  it just wonders if its

real  indeed


It gets hurt and it weeps

the  dark black blood

everywhere  seeps


It feels helpless & mourns

enduring  all the mocks and scorns.


It is happy, thrilled, an energy

never dying

Makes you  a feather

and you feel like flying.

It is a rebellion, very brave,

Sometimes a puny & acts

like a slave.


Synergestic, or a master & slave play,

With the gyri and sulci, it

shows an extraordinary interplay.


From defying  the ideas, vetoing,

and resentment

to endless love, support and,



But our FACE, emerges like

an emperor of all,

may show it or hide it all,

just like a curtain which

from the  proscenium falls.




the first one…… randomly thought…abstract of feeling and words


The endless talks,

The hundred one thoughts….

All i want is more,

I know this is LOVE FOR SURE….

OH! wait,

I think it has happened before!!

Life is more comfortable,its not odd…

I’m most of the time happy,rarely sad,

My views have changed,there’z an idea to add-

“All this LOVE KINDA thing is not that BAD”!

Now it is a reckless me,

and someone gnawing my thoughts,

Who says the love has ended,

Its just that it comes in bouts.

This lush  feeling will soon end,

and will be followed by drought again!!!!

Yet another morning in my life,

and a new face to see,

Life is not empty,there are many fishes in the sea…..

I gotta go….There’z yet another one waiting for me!!!!!